Want A Great Place To Live, Houston Texas Ticks All The Boxes

For many people moving house is a very stressful time. Especially for families with kids who have to change schools, find new friends and accept the lifestyle change. The people themselves have to find new friends, which may be easy enough for those who work but for the stay at homes it takes a while. Even moving neighborhoods within a city may be quite a wrench as many of the above things apply equally.

But if you decide to move to Houston, Texas many of these concerns will ease off because Houston is a great place to live. Starting with the climate; Houston is in a humid subtropical zone. This means that there is never any frost, and there is never a totally dry spell. Summer is Hot and Humid with almost a 1/3 of the year having daytime temperatures reach 90deg. But virtually all buildings and homes are air-conditioned as it is the city with the most air-conditioning in the world. Autumn is pleasantly warm and winters are mild and temperate with the average lows around 15 to 20 deg. Some cold fronts averaging a total of 3 weeks a year have nighttime temperatures as low as 35 degrees but these are seldom and blessedly short.

Houston is of course the oil capital of the US and so continues to boom even when many of the other US cities are in decline. The Keystone XL Pipeline project aiming at bringing Canadian crude oil from the oil sands will bring energy stability and many jobs. In addition Houston is a port city with maritime cargo able to enter Galveston bay and dock close to the city.

It is also effectively a coastal town with beach City less than 20 miles from the city centre and only a little further to go to reach the Gulf coast.

Now as to living space well there are many options depending on your budget, and where you want to live and work. Houston properties are selling at an average of 30% lower than most other Big American cities. If you are relocating to Houston from out of state it might be advisable to find some temporary accommodation while you assess the scene and decide where you want to live.

All types of accommodation exist, from single dwelling units with a garden, Town house complexes, Condos and high rise apartments. In recent time the high-rise apartments are the one housing area that is booming above the others with prices year on year rising above 10% and number of closed sales similarly increasing.

Suburbs include water frontage, in town accommodation of living on the heights above the town with its own unique coloring.

However Houston relocation gives one the golden opportunity to significantly up the status of your accommodation for the same price as you were paying in New York or Baltimore while enjoying all the benefits of living in Texas with its wonderful climate and warm friendly people. Coming to Houston will be a happy move for you and your entire family.

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