Lasik Houston: Am I A Candidate For Lasik?

In regards to Laser Lasik, Houston residents may be shocked to learn that not just anyone can walk into a Houston Lasik surgeon office and receive corrective laser eye surgery. Indeed, most surgery here is performed only after a patient has met a host of criteria and been thoroughly evaluated to ascertain the person’s compatibility with the procedure.

Only a trained and board certified surgeon can determine if this surgery is a suitable option for someone interested.

Generally, the ideal candidate is over 18 with healthy eyes and stable vision. While Lasik surgery may correct a wide range of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, it can do very little for people with eye diseases, like Glaucoma or cataracts.

Although astigmatism can be corrected via this procedure, patients may need to undergo a special type of laser surgery called astigmatic keratotomy, particularly if the astigmatism factor is high.

Texans who have to wear bifocals can be aided as well, through a laser operation called “monovision”.

People who wear bi-focals often need two separate prescriptions to see clearly, one for the distance and one for reading. People who have to wear this prescription can opt to either correct both eyes or to select monovision correction. With this operation, a Laser Lasik patient’s dominant eye is corrected for distance vision while the non-dominant eye is corrected for reading or intermediate vision.

A good candidate for monovision is anyone around the age of forty who relies on bifocal glasses. A surgeon will give you a contact lens trial of monovision to simulate the condition so you can test drive it and see if it is something you can put up with in the long run.

Other considerations for your ability to undergo this surgery include: a properly developed eye, which is why most patients have to be at least eighteen and stable vision for at least one year with no significant changes, damage or infections. People with Corneal scarring, autoimmune diseases like lupus, pregnancy or whose pupils dilate more than seven millimeters in the dark are not good candidates for the surgery.

If you find that you are a candidate for Lasik surgery, take advantage and look into financing options so you obtain the freedom that customers have experienced!

The benefits out weigh the risk, as most Houston Lasik Surgeons rarely see a shift back to the old vision problems, but you may be able to once again receive Lasik Eye Surgery Houston Texas style if the problems return.

Your Lasik surgeon may also ask you to come in for a few post operative appointments to mark your progress.

Lasik surgery is a step in the right direction of enjoying the lasting benefits of great eyesight. Take that step and start living a life free of contacts and glasses today!

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