Are You Thinking About Living in Houston Texas?

With more than 2 million people calling Houston home it is the fourth largest city in the US and it is the hub for international business and living in Houston Texas just couldn’t be any better.

Not only is Houston a great place to visit it is also a great place to live. This vibrant healthy international city is a mix of tradition and trendy so no matter what it is that you love in a city you can find it here.

If you love to shop there’s not better place than Houston is. From large malls to trendy little specialty shops you can be as unique as you want.

Houston is also known for its stunning architecture that mixes residential with business and entertainment. The Galleria, which is set under glass atriums, is the number one place to shop with over 375 stores and restaurants.

On the other hand, you might want to check out Uptown Park for a European flare in shopping. It is by far one of the greatest shopping experiences around. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Besides having, some great shopping in Houston there is also a great nightlife, entertainment, theater, sports, and a whole lot more so living in Houston certainly does not have to be boring.

There are few other cities in the US that are as passionate about the arts as Houston is. It has Theater District that is world class and second only to New York’s. Whether it is the opera, ballet, or symphony that you want to enjoy it is all in the Theater District.

Buying a house in Houston is really quite a surprise because for such a bustling city housing is still very affordable. An average single-family dwelling will run around $ 150,000 and you can rent a house for around $ 900 or rent a one-bedroom condo for about $ 600.00.

Now that is what I call a relief? You’re going to be making decent money and because your housing is so affordable it gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy some of what Houston has to offer but you will also be able to start putting some money away for a rainy day.

If you are planning to return to school, the University of Houston is a great place to pick up a few courses or enroll in a full program. There is also student housing available.

Houston crime rate is no worse than any other city and of course, there are pockets where crime is worse than in other areas. When house shopping makes sure, you do your homework.

There are many different ethnic backgrounds that make Houston the city it is and there are also many individual ethnic communities within Houston so again when house hunting why not take a little extra time to find an ethnic community that supports your values and your ethnic background.

Houston is the city everyone loves to visit so why not take it a step further and call it home. Affordable housing, terrific entertainment, amazing educational opportunities, and outstanding employment opportunities so living in Houston is like being on a permanent vacation. The question is what are you waiting for?

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